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Aqua Fu Pools Storefront


Aqua Fun Pools Inc. was founded in 1963 by Jim Behlman, with a focus on the construction of wood-walled inground pools. After a period, steel-walled inground pools became commonplace until Jim began utilizing building materials from Foxx Pools.

In 1976, Jim Coughlin, a fence contractor, met Jim Behlman and worked together on some fencing jobs. In 1978 the two Jims joined forces as co-owners of Aqua Fun Pools, bringing in Custom Fence as an add-on to the business. The first traditional retail store was opened in 1981 on Hwy 164 in Sussex, WI. That same year they were the first to bring and display a hot tub at the annual Home Show which took place at the Wisconsin State Fair grounds.

In August of 1983, the retail store in Sussex was struck by lightening and completely burned down. Determined to bounce back, Jim and Jim bought the property and rebuilt the store, while running the business out of a small trailer. Aqua Fun Pools officially reopened Memorial Day weekend, 1984. The new construction allowed for a larger showroom where 12-15 spas could be displayed, a tradition that continues today.

In May 2000 Aqua Fun opened its second retail store, and expanded its displays to include above ground pools. In the spring of 2008, Aqua Fun relocated its south side store to the north side of Big Bend, where it still is today.

Presently, Aqua Fun still operates both of its locations to better serve customers with their retail and service needs.

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