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Welcome to the Aqua Fun Pools & Spas chemical and accessory ordering page. Due to the current climate, we felt it was necessary, while able, to provide a product ordering page for our customers. While we are currently unable to set up a fully realized online cart system, establishing a fill out form for execution of orders is the best option for the health and safety of our customers and employees. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page *to completion* for our employees to contact you regarding your order.


NOTE: Orders submitted in this way can be picked up curbside at either of our locations. It requires prepayment before the organizing and pickup of your order.


*For the health and safety of everyone, we ask that you call upon arrival and remain in your vehicle while our employees load your order into your car.*

what's available?

for Hot tubs

  • Basic chemicals like sanitizers, de-scalers, de-foamers, enzymes, and cartridge cleaners.

  • The lineup of Spa Frog systems like @ease, the floating bromine Frog system, and the Frog mineral stick.

  • The Nature 2 mineral stick

  • In-stock cartridge filters

  • Accessories like cartridge filter cleaning tools, the Duramitt, and hose pre-filters.

for pools

  • Basic chemicals like sanitizers, de-scalers, algaecides, clarifiers, and powdered shocks.

  • The lineup of Pool Frog systems like the ABG/ING Frog, and the Instant Frog.

  • Replacement mineral packs for the Nature 2 pool systems.

  • Pool maintenance accessory items. (Nets, vacuum heads, etc.)

  • Liquid pool shock (If in-stock)

questions? call us!

IMPORTANT: Please fill out the following form to completion. List in the comment section, to the best of your ability, which products and quantities of which you need. If you are unsure of which chemicals you need by name, be as specific as you can be in the comment section and our employees will help you via phone when they contact you for payment. Payment is REQUIRED prior to our employees pulling your order, and they can collect your card number over the phone after submission of this form.

*Please allow up to 24 hours for your order to be pulled and prepared after we contact you for payment.* When your order is ready, we will contact you via phone. When you arrive for pickup, please call our store at the appropriate number to notify you are ready. Please remain in your car, and our employees will load your order into your trunk for you.

order form

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